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Speedytv is Closing Down

Speedytv has been running VPN services since 2009. Due to a number of factors, the VPN business model is no longer a viable business model for us. Nor is it the best way of unblocking services for our customers. It is with regret that we have made the decision not to take any more new orders or renewals. Our servers will remain open for our existing commitments as will our support system and helpdesk

VPN has been coming under increasing pressure as TV services begin to detect and block it. This is only going to get worse as the main providers seek to monetise online programming.

Our Recommended Alternative Smart DNS / VPN Service

We have run our own tests on various services and can recommend this one to our customers (click the graphic below to pay them a visit)

What do you Need Now?

In our opinion, a combined Smart DNS and VPN service is what you need to have the most comprehensive means of obtaining continued access to TV programming. There are several advantages to this.


  • Supports over 200 channels
  • Works on all of your favorite devices, no software to install
  • Fast and friendly 24×7, 365-day support
  • Low monthly pricing, no commitment and cancel anytime
  • Free signup with a 14 day trial, no credit card required
  1. Smart DNS only proxies the urls that carry out the geocheck and is much more efficient and harder to detect.
  2. The TV stream is often not geochecked and therefore runs at your native internet speed
  3. Smart DNS can be much easier to manage. Changing DNS settings on your PC is easy. You can also change DNS settings in your router meaning that any devices logged in to your router are automatically using the service.
  4. Smart DNS unblocks TV worldwide without the necessity of changing servers

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers some of whom have been with us from the start